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Hunters Equipment Issue Fall 1995

Scent Article by: Bart Landsverk

My friends, co-workers and I discovered that scents don’t always need to match the natural surroundings to attract deer. For instance, we had fun using Deer Nip, a gel that smells like persimmons. As you know, persimmons grow in the South, and aren’t found in my back yard: Wisconsin.

"I never had any negative reactions with, Deer Nip" Rucks said. "One doe stopped and smelled the twig it was on for at least 15 minutes, and offered numerous shooting opportunities. Of all the deer that came past that scent, only one small spike didn’t pay attention to it. Several other deer stopped to get a better whiff."

My boss, Dave Larsen, has bagged 22 bucks during the past 18 years. He also reported good results with Deer Nip.

"Before climbing into my stand, I put some Deer Nip on the ferns in my east and west shootings," he said . "In less than 40 minutes, I saw the legs of an approaching deer. Moments later, a 6-pointer pointer stepped out on a trail 10 yards from the base of my tree. As it past the Deer Nip, it stopped, turned 90 degrees, and began aggressively sniffing the ferns. He continued to sniff until a second buck, a 5-pointer, appeared. Following suit, the second buck began sniffing the same area."

SUNDAY SPECIAL: By Kent Mitchell, Scott Bernarde


Right gear for deer
Veteran deer hunter Jeff Hobbins and others provide tips for staying concealed.

Trappers always have used scents such as fox or bobcat urine to disguise human smell. Texan Tink Nathan, a world famous bowhunter, helped get scents into sporting goods stores in a big way with a large list of products that still is growing. His products cover the gamut of scents and scent neutralizers. He even sold one horrible-tasting green liquid that was supposed to remove scent Systemically.

Georgia hunters swear by one brand, Head Hunter, manufactured in Fayetteville. Head Hunter Humus cover scent smells like decaying leaves, a benign, nonthreatening smell to a deer. Head Hunter Ghost claims to make a hunter invisible by neutralizing human scent and other odors on boots, clothing and hats. Head  Hunter and other companies also produce laundry and body soaps with a cover scent such as Humus or a neutralizer such as Ghost.

“The cover scent is an extra advantage,” Hobbins said. “I hunt the wind. I don’t hunt the deer.” Hobbins has a tree stand for each direction the wind blows. “How many times have you been sitting in the stand and heard a deer blow or had someone tell you the same story?” Hobbins asked. “They’ll say, ‘I know he didn’t see me.’ But he sure smelled you.” “I was using Humus when I took the 10-pointer. You can’t get close without it.”

He also was wearing an old set of Leafy Wear camouflage. And rubber boots, which don’t hold scent the way leather ones do.
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